Central Processors, Inc. operations are spread across the country. We have more than 58,000 sqft. of licensed processing and laboratory space spread across two GMP Certified facilities in South Carolina, able to handle large volume and high throughput. Our research farm and company headquarters are located in Central New York and we have consultants and partners throughout the South and East Coast.

We have an assembled skilled team able to assist you from plant to product, including Consulting, Bulk Cannabinoid Supply, Toll Processing, Custom Formulations, and Private Labeling.

Our consulting team has extensive knowledge of the medical marijuana and cannabinoid industries. We can advise on licensing, cultivation, processing and extraction strategies.

Bulk Cannabinoid Supply
We offer bulk CBD and minor cannabinoids in a number of forms, including distillate, isolate and water-soluble. We have an industrial scale extraction process for our biomass, allowing us to produce thousands of kilograms of isolate per month ensuring your bulk needs are fulfilled.

Private Label
We specialize in producing and delivering turnkey cannabinoid infused products in the most effective and enjoyable form for our end consumer. These products range from your staples like tinctures and gummies, to one-of-a-kind products such as customized seltzers and energy shots. We will use our manufacturing skills and experience to bring your brand to life.

Toll Processing
With more than 58,000 sqft. GMP Certified hemp processing facilities in South Carolina we can accommodate a variety of processing options for flower and raw biomass.

Custom Formulations
Combining cannabinoids can create what’s called an “entourage effect.” These blends can enhance one another and create an overall stronger impact. By selecting specific cannabinoids and mixing in precise ratios, we have the ability to create custom formulations to meet any need. Our team of lab experts will work with you to provide you information and blend options that will best suit your product.

High volume, large throughput capacity all the way from post-harvest to direct-to-consumer products.

Bulk Bucking, Drying and Bagging
Bulk Extraction



High-Throughput Distillation

Terpene Capture
Full Spectrum
+99% Purity

High-Throughput Isolation

State-of-the-Art Nutsche Filtration System
+99% Purity

THC Remediation