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       A  Scientific  Approach,  an  Innovative  Solution.

About Us

Central Processors, Inc. is a vertically integrated hemp processing and distribution company. We grow and produce hemp-derived products at an industrial level. Our farms and network of suppliers use extracting science and innovative techniques to process cannabinoids for our retail stores, wholesalers, and private-labeling companies. We partner with a number of universities, businesses, and research institutions to educate consumers, develop customer-responsive products and enhance the cannabis industry.


Our Mission

To deliver a high level of service and support to our customers and partners through every phase of development and production­­—from seed genetics and harvesting to processing and retail distribution.

Our valued partners
in the biomass
supply chain.

Distinguish yourself with the highest-quality products.

We provide quality materials on an
industrial level.

•Scientific Innovation•

•Strategic Engagement•

•Industrial Production•

Our Premium Brands

High Peaks and Southern Wellness are two of our premium brands. Our products have been developed to reach a variety of specific demographics. Our goal is to significantly impact the marketplace with brands that are thoughtful, satisfying, and rewarding for customers, retailers, and wholesalers.

Our Partners

Central Processors, Inc. has a number of investment and partnership opportunities for interested groups and individuals. Our extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry has enabled us to collaborate with cutting-edge research institutions and high-end manufacturers. As we broaden our reach and expand our footprint we believe we will be well positioned to shape this industry in a manner that will yield significant returns and profits.

Our Services

We offer bulk CBD in a number of forms, from distillate and isolate to crude oil.

Drying Services
We offer stripping and drying of the entire hemp plant. Eliminate the hassle on your end, bring in your crop as is, and our fully automated system will do the rest!

Private Label
We currently produce a wide range of CBD and hemp-oil based consumables including beverages, edibles, tinctures, oils, lotions, and much more.

Toll Processing
We have a number of hemp processing facilities. If you have flower or raw biomass, we offer a variety of toll processing options strategically located throughout the country.

Friendly Products

Central Processors strives to be a “Zero Waste” facility. We do not discard any waste material from hemp plants. Our goal is to utilize the entire plant, even parts that most other processors dispose of.  We are an eco-friendly company and we are working to become a leader in agriculture sustainability.

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals and industry leaders. Our executives have excelled in the cannabis agriculture, production, and business worlds for more than 20 years. We seek to provide the very best transactional experience for our clients and customers.

Our Advisory Board provides direction and strategic insight. Each board member not only understands the goals and objectives outlined by our executive team, but they work hand-in-hand to develop product ideas and industry-wide relationships.

Long-Term Reliable Partnerships
We work with partners to achieve the optimal path from production to profit.
Exacting Scientific Methods
Our rigorous and refined procedures ensure a consistent yield of the highest quality.
Superior Product Ingredients
We provide a steady supply chain of high quality ingredients that top brands rely on.

New York
South Carolina

For more information, please contact us at: 315.937.5118
or send us a note at: info@centralprocessors.com

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